PowerShell Scripting Games 2013

The PowerShell Scripting Games (2013) will be held over the course of about 6 weeks beginning on the 22nd (oh my god that’s tomorrow!). When I first started learning about PowerShell, previous games were one of my main sources of instruction. That said, I’m planning on trying to participate (work and school schedules allowing). It helps they break it down to one per week over multiple weeks, so I can use time on the weekends.

The Scripting Games are broken down into advanced and beginner tracks. The beginner track appears primarily focused on getting the desired result (functionally) while the advanced tracks seem to be focused on the additional things that make good scripts great (objects, error handling, input handling/validation). I do not yet think I’m quite at the “advanced” level, so I’ve signed up for the beginner track.

I will be posting the commented/explained versions of my scripts to this blog, so I can document the reason I ran things certain ways. In addition, if time allows, I will attempt to solve the advanced track versions of the events for my own personal educational experience and to figure out if I should go for the advanced track next year.

Wish me luck!

Jeff is a system administrator for an enterprise of over 4000 devices. He is comfortable on Windows and *nix and participates in everything from desktop to network support. In addition, he develops in PowerShell to aid in the automation of administrative tasks.

When not at work, Jeff is adjunct faculty at the University of Alaska Anchorage, where he teaches PC Architecture to first year students in the Computer and Networking Technology Program. He is also working on new curriculum in PowerShell and Virtualization as well as leading department technology deployments.

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